Faculty of Contemporary Studies (FCS)

Department of Strategic Studies (SS)

Requirement: 18 Credits for M.Phil or Equivalent (Each 3 Credit Hours)

SS-701            Seminar on National Security

SS-702            Contemporary Nuclear Strategy

SS-703            Strategic Dynamics of South Asia

SS-704            Research Colloquium (Directed Studies)

SS-705            Contemporary Strategic Studies

SS-706            Nuclear Deterrence and Strategic Stability

SS-707            Strategic Decision Making (Theory & Practice)

SS-708            Seminar on Strategic Doctrine, Policy and Strategy

SS-709            South Asia: Defense and Security Policies

SS-710            Non-proliferation, Arms Control and International Security

SS-711            Seminar on Contemporary Nuclear Issues

SS-712            Civil-Military Relations in South Asia

SS-713            Nuclear Politics in the Middle East

SS-714            Irregular, 5th Generation and Non-Kinetic Warfare

SS-715            BMD: Contemporary Architectures and Issues

SS-716            Comparative Strategic Cultures

SS-717            Terrorism and Counter Terrorism Studies

SS-718            International Energy Security

SS-719            Global Nuclear Politics: Contemporary Trends and Issues

SS-720            Revolution in Strategic Affairs

SS-721            Insurgency and Counter Insurgency

SS-722            Strategic Crisis Simulation and Management

SS-723            Contemporary International Political Economy

SS-724            Strategic Policies of the Great Powers: Case Study

SS-725            Seminar on Role of Nuclear Weapons in Foreign & Defence Policies

SS-726            Traditional and Non-Traditional Approaches to National Security

SS-727            Dynamics of Strategic Stability in South Asia

SS-728            US Nuclear Strategy in the 21st Century

SS-729            Military and Diplomatic History

SS-730            Conflict and Security Analysis

SS-731            Advanced Research Seminar on Contemporary Strategic Issues

SS-732            Advanced Terrorism Studies

SS-733            Great Power Politics