Faculty of Contemporary Studies (FCS)

Department of Government & Public Policy

M.Phil Government & Public policy

Core Courses (24- Hrs)

1.    Theories of Public Policy

2.    Economics for Public Policy

3.    Research Methodology

4.    Empirical Analysis for Public Policy

5.    Policy analysis and design 

6.    Governance Issues with reference in Pakistan

7.    M. Phil Dissertation (6 credit hours)

Elective Courses (6 Hours)

1.    Social Policy Analysis

2.    Fiscal Policy with reference to Pakistan

3.    Seminar on Economic Policies (selected topics

4.    Seminar on Natural Resource Development Policies

5.    International Economics and trade

6.    Seminar on Disaster Management in Pakistan

7.    Program Evaluation

8.    Environmental Policy with reference to Pakistan

9.    Seminar on Poverty Reduction in Pakistan

10. Public Sector & Regulatory Management with reference to Pakistan

11. Social Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth

12. Globalization and Development



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