Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • What is the aim of the course?
To groom sel offrs of Pakistan Armed Forces, Civ Svcs of Pakistan and Civ / mil offrs from allied countries as visionary leaders capable of understanding the interplay of all elements of national power for a comprehensive understanding of National Security and role of Armed Forces in application of mil instrument at the mil strat and op strat lvl.
  • What is a general distribution of the course?
The course is mainly distributed in National Security and Military Strat Term
  • Who all attend the NSWC?
NSWC is being attended by Mil (incl Naval / Air Force) participants, Civ Bureaucracy and Allied members from friendly countries
  • What is the duration of NSWC?
44 Wks is the duration of NSWC.
  • When does the course starts ?
The course generally starts in Aug every yr.
  • How to contact War College to get any info about the course ?
By dialing at NDU exchange 051-9260651-2, one can contact the desired officer.
  • Which Degree is awarded to the successful candidates of NSWC?
MSc & M . Phil (if participant is already MSc & Passes the required test of M. Phil progm)


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