1. Aim   To enable participants to develop a comprehensive understanding of national security, elements of national power, military, nuclear and operational strategies within the framework of contemporary security environment and prepare leaders for higher command and staff assignments in military as well as other government departments.
  2. Curriculum of NSWC Envisages  
    1. Fostering sound understanding of the imperatives of Comprehensive National Security in the contemporary international and regional environment through multifaceted exposure on national security issues.
    2. Mastering different facets of military strategy and operational art.
    3. The course aims to build requisite capacity in its members so that they can formulate and execute viable response options to defeat conventional and unconventional threats faced by the country.
  3. Concept of Merger   The concept of the merger and creation of integrated NSWC has instilled qualitative change in NDU’s capacity for creating better awareness about issues of national security and inspire a strategic culture of greater value and understanding of Military Strategy and Operation Art as wholesome package with clear comprehension of linkage.
  4. Scope  
    1. National Security Term
        (1)    Statecraft and its relevance to national power potential.
        (2)    Socio-Political make up and its impact on National Security.
        (3)    Economic Policy for National Security.
        (4)    Pakistan’s regional and international relations.
        (5)    Strategic leadership and management with focus on governance and policy implementation.
        (6)    Defence Policy formulation in the given environment.
        (7)    Nuclear strategy for national security.
        (8)    National Security policy / strategy formulation.
        (9)    Introduction to Contemporary Conflict and PASO
        (10)   Analysis of National Security Issues and formulation of a comprehensive response strategy.
        (11)   Research Methodology.
    2. Military Strategy Term
        (1)    Theory of war, strategy and military history.
        (2)    Operational art, its evolution and application in contemporary environment.
        (3)    Methodology for evolving joint military and operational strategies, nuclear strategy and single services strategies
        (4)    War –games, map exercises and case studies
  5. Organization   National Security & War Course is based on two Divisions (A&B) basis, each headed by a Chief Instructor (CI). All the participants i.e. allied, civil, and military are equally divided among the divisions. A Div is housed in National Security College and B Div in Armed Forces War College. Senior Academic Coordinator (SAC) is appointed on alternative basis for coordination of the curriculum related activities.