The Faculty of Contemporary Studies (FCS) was formally inaugurated on 3rd September, 2008. National Defence University (NDU) Islamabad, Faculty of  Contemporary Studies (FCS) aims to become a world class hub of education. In addition to its existing professional development programmes, NDU – FCS will evolve as an academic center of excellence in the interdisciplinary fields of Social Sciences. Our Vision is to enhance intellectual and professional capabilities of potential NDU graduates in the fields of Security & Contemporary Studies, to nurture and develop there skills to become enlightened and useful citizens and to serve the nation through the pursuits of excellence in the distinguished academic disciplines by focusing on the contemporary issues of national and international importance. Faculty of Contemporary Studies has been established to provide goal oriented programmes in selected fields of contemporary studies, and an environment conducive for academic, professional and intellectual development; provide advocacy and services to public sector and the civil society through its research endeavors and seminars; be an academic institution for producing  effective human resource base and become a center of excellence for educating and training of student, researchers and the faculty; provide and internationally competitive environment for prospective postgraduate students by providing targeted teaching, professional education and tools to conduct applied research and foster national consciousness and human compassion for the development of an enlightened society.