Mission Statement

Committed to enhance NDU presence in public and private sector orgs as a premier university and facilitate its community in enhancing their social, personal, and ethical dev, our msn evolves fostering indl success, engagement, and well-being through the following:-

  1. Becoming a conduit between NDU-FCS students and relevant institutions/ orgs for well-judged career decisions through awareness about req of the market which enable them in finding better positions.
  2. Providing guidance and counseling service to the students, employees and teachers regarding their personal and professional development through a free confidential professional counseling service.
  3. Ensuring that all students seeking internships/ placements are facilitated on the basis of their educational level and eligibility criteria of prospective orgs.
  4. Reinforcing and promoting NDU students through their participation in national/ international events of curricular/co-curricular/extra-curricular activities.
  5. Ensuring that all students seeking fin assistance are facilitated on the basis of their need level
  6. Create an environment for potential orgs/ institutions to become a valuable strategic partner for the university by aligning and integrating all student svc areas.