Professional and Personality Development
The centre conducts Workshops/ Lectures/ Seminars for the students on general counseling, career counseling and awareness on social and psychological related issues.
It also encourages the proactive students to participate in social and academic awareness activities. The purpose of such activities is to enhance soft skills among the students, which will contribute in character building, personal and professional behaviors of the students
Character Building Society (CBS)
CBS was constituted at NDU for the purpose to develop positive characteristics among the masses by educating students about various forms of corruption and their effects on society. CBS was formed to devise and practice a code of conduct aimed at character building. It encourages students to behave as models for others and to inculcate a strict sense of self discipline through personal examples taking inspirations from religious values/obligations. It also enable the students to act as whistle blower against mal-practices and corruption related issues to concerned quarters without any exploitative motive or design. Every year, president, vice president and members of CBS will be nominated from the students in order to articulate the activities.
Present composition of the CBS is as under:
a. President NDU : Patron in Chief
b. Dir PR&SA : Coordinator/ Focal person
c. Ruqia Khan, M.Phil- LMS : President
d. Abdullah, M.Sc -LMS : Vice President
e. FCS (Coord) : Member
f. Ahsan Ishtiaq Awan, M.Sc-PCS : Member
g. Asif Hussain, M.Sc PCS : Member
h. Waqas waheed Malik, M.Phil-SS : Member
i. Ismail Khalid, M.Sc-SS : Member
j. Tayyabah Aslam, M.Phil-IR : Member
k. Waleed Yawer, M.Phil IR : Member
l. Zunaira Masood Malik, M.Phil-GPP : Member
m. Talat Ahmad Bhutta, M.Phil - GPP : Member