Director's Message

The mission of ORIC is to develop, enhance and manage University's research programmes with a view to link its research activities directly with the educational, industrial, social and economic priorities of the country. It is committed to attain academic excellence in the field of defence, strategic and security, international relations, peace and conflict, management and leadership studies. It is furthermore responsible to ensure the quality of research undertaken by its faculty/students/staff; organizing in-house training and capacity development programmes, seminars and workshops; submission of research proposals/projects to attract funding, including travel grants by HEC; indoctrinating/encouraging research culture; and of course, to raise the ranking of university. In pursuit of this mission, ORIC has perennial responsibility of monitoring university's research programmes and policies reflecting the core values of academic freedom, ethics, excellence; and professional integrity in consonance with the HEC's research policies and legal requirements/Guidelines set from time-to-time.