9th Summer School - 2019
Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)

ACU has announced its 9th Summer School that will be held in the University of Mauritius from 14 - 21 July, 2019 for the postgraduates and final year undergraduate students. Theme of the summer school will be “PUBLIC HEALTH: from a small Island State to the Global Community”. Following major components of Public Health sectors will be focused:-

  1. Education, detection, prevention and control of disease outbreak, community centered approaches.

  2. Innovation in health: e-health and big data

  3. Health economics, policies and civil society

For further details please click on the link below or visit PR&SA Cen.

Desirous/ interested students are requested to give the brief answers of the fol  questions and submit it to PR&SA Cen

by Oct 8th, 2018 positively.

For Any query/ info, please contact PR&SA Cen.