National Defence University (NDU), Islamabad is a "SMOKING FREE ZONE". However due to the hybrid complex housing residential block inside NDU, smoking area has been clearly marked next to Scholar's Cafe. Students observing smoking other than smoking area will be fined as fol:-
  1. Written warning and Rs 1,000/- fine on 1st observation.
  2. Counseling by Respective HoD and Rs 5,000/- fine on 2nd observation.
  3. Termination notice along with Rs 15,000/- fine for every repeated observation till 5th time.
  4. Termination on disrespecting all the corrective measures after 5th observation
  5. Any student found under the effect of hash or any other narcotic/ prohibited drug will be handed over to police/ LEA under proper FIR and the case will be dealt under "Control of Narcotic Substance Act 1997"
Above mentioned policy will be implemented strictly w.e.f 6th April, 18