Seminar: Strategic Dynamics of Pakistan-Bangladesh Relations in the Contemporary Geopolitical Setting

Since 1971, Pakistan-Bangladesh relations have been oscillating from satisfactory to worst with short spells of conducive atmosphere. Whereas, Pakistan has sincerely endeavoured to maintain cordiality, Bangladesh mostly maintains a hostile posture. During the present political regime Bangladesh Government embarked upon projecting negative image implicating Pakistan Army in large scale genocide of Bangladeshis, unfounded claims regretted by all including the Bangladeshi population. The latest spurt of this endeavour is focused on War Trials of large number of Bangladeshis political workers especially Jamaat-e-Islami against all the humanitarian and legal concerns. Originally, this tribunal was set up in 1973 legislation and later set aside in the interest of regional peace by Mujib-ur-Rahman after the 1974 tripartite agreement signed between Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. The present Government of Bangladesh, despite the tripartite agreement decided to resume trials and has executed two leaders of Bangladeshi political party Jamaat-e-Islami in early 2016. These executions created tension between the two countries and the human rights community. There is need to deliberate on such deplorable move by the Bangladeshi authorities which has not delivered justice to the victims of war. Aforesaid, seminar is planned to highlight following aspects on the subject:-
  • Bangladesh Governments violation of the tripartite agreement;
  • The irrational attitude of the Bangladesh government at this stage;
  • Implications for regional peace and bilateral relations;
  • Increasing Indian influence over Bangladesh government