Seminar: "Kashmir Scenario and the World Conscience" at National Defence University Islamabad

The recent non-violent in Indian-held Kashmir has again, brought a spotlight on Kashmir issue as an unfulfilled case of people's self-determination. The situation provides a test case of the world conscience in relation to denial of people's aspirations and abuse of human rights. It also unfold a 'reality check' on the efficacy of response that we can offer to enhance awareness about the issue.
In the renewed endeavor for greater awareness, it is critically important to appreciate that Kashmir relates to people's right to make a choice about their own destiny and not a territorial dispute as such. Indeed, the case of self-determination represent a saga of discrimination and denial, and consistent disregard to people's aspirations. Concurrently, the human rights abuse is blatant, widespread and state-driven while response from international community has been less them satisfactory.
The seminar should among other aspects, address the issues of the media's role in the awareness drive and broader questions relevant to mobilization of the international community/organizations.