ISSRA Seminars/ Conferences

activities conductED by issra at ndu

Command and Leadership Program  26 Apr – 7 May 21
Seminar: Isb Security Dialogue at NSD: Session-I by ISSRA on  “Comprehensive National Security”  17-Mar-21
National Security Workshop (NSW-22)  15 Mar -9 Apr 21
Seminar on Dynamic of Kashmir Dispute-Post 05 Aug 2019 Environment Response Options and Strat Line of Action  23-Feb-21
Global Strat and Socio-Eco Impacts of Covid-19 and Pakistan  10-Feb-21
Major Events -  2020
Roundtable: Middle East in Flux: Challenges and Implications for Pakistan  22-Sep-20
Roundtable: US Presidential Election   26-Oct-20
Roundtable -III: Use of Information Communication Technology in Socio – Economy Sector   23 September 2020
Information Communication Technology Market Development and Software Export  16-Sep-20
HR & Connectivity Development for Information Communication Technology Sector: Challenges and Way Fwd  09-Sep-20
Hindutva Mindset: Implication and Policy Options for Pakistan 20-Feb-20
National Seminar (Final Session) - Resetting and Rebooting Pakistan’s Information Technology Sector -  07-Oct-20
National Seminar (Initial Session) - Resetting and Rebooting Pakistan’s Information Technology Sector –  02-Sep-20
Seminar: Decoding Hindu Mindset & Strategic Motives  06-Feb-20
Seminar: Artificial Intelligence  28-Jan-20
Seminar: Lawfare Dimension - Contemporary issues challenges and way forward   16-Jan-20
National Media Workshop (NMW-10) 2 - 13 Nov 2020
Command and Leadership Program (CLP-1/ 20) 15 - 26 June 2020
International Workshop on Leadership & Security (IWLS-2)   17 – 24 Feb 2020
Intl Seminar/ Conf
23rd ASEAN Regional Forum Meeting (Singapore)  11- 14 Nov 19
International China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Workshop 17 Apr - 3 May 19
International Workshop on Leadership & Security   18 - 25 Mar
NDU – Royal Danish Defence College (RDDC) Joint International Seminar, “Exploring opportunities for Regional Coop”  22 - 23 Oct 19
4th Pakistan-UK Stabilization Conference “Sustained Stabilization amid Complex Challenges” 26-27 Mar 19
National Seminar/ Conf 
Education - A Game Changer for Pak  24-Sep-19
Pakistan’s Economy, Challenges and Way Fwd 27-Aug-19
Pakistan’s Economy, Challenges and Way Fwd 27-Jun-19
Pakistan’s Contribution / Role in Regional Peace and Security 29-Jan-19
Strategic Competition, Convergence and Dilemma within Asia: Implications for South Asia  09-Jan-19
National Security Workhsop (NSW - 21)       16 Sep – 18 Oct 19
Command & Leadership Program (CLP - 4)  9 Apr – 19 Apr 20
Pakistan’s Economy Challenges and Way Fwd
a.     Agriculture sector (Session-I)            11 Jul 19
b.     Agriculture sector (Session-II)               23-Jul-19
c.      SMEs and large industries        08-Aug-19
d.     Issues of Practitioners     27-Aug-19
Foreign diplomats of foreign services academy visited NDU and the delegation was briefed on Pakistan’s Counter Terrorism Efforts 20-Feb-19
Assessing the Pre – Elec Scenario in India   13-Feb-19
Pak @ 100 – Shaping the Future   03-Jan-19
National Security Workshop-20 22 Oct – 23 Nov 18
National Security Workshop – Baluchistan 
National Security Workshop – FATA  10-20 Sep 18
Command & Leadership Programme (CLP) 6-17 Aug 18
International Seminar: CPEC – An Extra Regional Perspective 23-Jul-18
AAN Seminar: Encouraging Entrepreneurship Led Dev in Pak 12-Jul-18
Roundtable : Regional Security Perspective fol by discussion on US Asia Pacific Policy – Australian Perspective & National Disaster Response and Humanitarian Assistance  05-Jun-18
AA Seminar: Challenges in Ctring Extremism in Pakistan  28-Mar-18
Roundtable : Geopolitical Fault line in Muslim World  01-Mar-18
Roundtable : Development a National Discourse on Climate Change  14-Feb-18
National Seminar: Developing a National Discourse on Climate Change  13-Feb-18
AAN Seminar: Encouraging Entrepreneurship Leadership Developments in Pakistan  10-Feb-18
Roundtable: Pakistan-Iran Relations 31-Jan-18
AAN Seminar: Peoples Corridor: Addressing Cultural and Social Dynamics of CPEC  24-Jan-18
Reorganization of Royal Saudi Staff College to NDU 8-11 Jan 18
NDC Rwanda Delegation Visit to NDU 22-26 Jan 18
National Seminar on Pak-China Relations Beyond CPEC (Resp: IS Br) 23 Aug 17
DSC &SC Sri Lanka (RT on Pak Army Contribution on GWOT by DS Br) 11 Aug 17
Visit National Defence University ex Zimbabwe 6 Jun, 2017
Visit Royal College of Defence Studies (RCDS) - (Resp GS (SD) Branch 21-25 May, 2017
Visit of Supreme National Defence University, Iran Delegation to NDU NDU 16 May, 2017
Seminar: "Rejuvenating Business for Pakistan's Progress" 16-17 May, 2017
Intl Seminar: Pakistan in 21st Century: Building Perception (Resp: IS Branch) 18 Apr, 2017
National Media Workshop-9 (Resp: KC&PP Branch) 10-21 Apr, 2017
RT on Afghanistan and Way Fwd (Resp: DS Branch) 5 Apr, 2017
RT on Pak's Foreign Policy: Addressing the Issues in Trump Era 17 Mar, 2017
Intl Seminar: 2nd Pak-UK COIN "Sharing Experiences in Stabilization and Peace" (Resp: IS Branch) 14-15 Mar, 2017
Command and Leadership Programme (Resp: KC&PP Branch) 27 Feb -10 Mar, 2017
Seminar: Hydro Politics Around Pakistan: Reassessing the Efficacy of Indus Water Treaty (IWT) Report 17 Jan, 23 Feb, 2017
10 x members delegation ex Royal Jordanian National Command and Staff College (RJNDC) for RT on Ctr Terrorism Efforts by DS Branch) 10 Jan 17
Visit of 2 x member delegation ex Oman Association for Writers and Literati (RT on Ctr Terrorism Efforts by DS Branch) 9 Jan 17
Seminar: Strategic Dynamics of Pakistan-Bangladesh Relations in the Contemporary Geopolitical Setting 01 Dec 16
Visit: GSA Staff Academy, Russia to NDU 3-6 Oct 16
Seminar: "Kashmir Scenario and the World Conscience" at National Defence University Islamabad 20 Sep 16
Five member delegation headed by Dr. Mohammad Kazcm Sajjad pour, Dy Foreign Minister visited NDU for RT on Pak-Iran Relations 9 Aug 16
35 Members delegation headed by Maj Gen BHMA Weijsinghe ex Def & Cmd Services College Sri Lanka for RT on Pak-Sri Lanka Relations by R&P B 3 Aug 16
Nation Seminar: Perspective on Contemporary India: Spotlight on Modi Era (Resp: G&RS Branch) 2 Jun 16
One Day Conf on International Nuclear Order 12 April 2016
Opening Ceremony of United Nations Staff Officer Course (UNSOC_10) 4 April 2016
Lec on "Afghanistan-Pakistan 31 Mar 2016 31 Mar 2016
Roundtable Discussion on Contemporary Relations b/w Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia: 30 Mar 2016 30 Mar 2016
Book Launch Ceremony: 88 Days to Kandahar: A CIA Diary 11 Mar 2016
Talk on Pakistan - Russian Relations by H.E Mr. Alexy Yurievich Dedov 12 April 2016
Regional Conference on the Right to Information Laws in South Asia 16-17 Mar 2016
Conf on HR Violations in IHK: Awakening Global Conscience 3 Mar 2016
Seminar on Pak Afghan Water Sharing Issue 23 Feb 16
Panel Discussion on "Managing Displaced Populations - Lessons from Pakistan 9 Feb 16
Implementation of National Action Plan Where do we stand? 9 Feb 16
Invitation to attend In House Meeting with Dr. Jean Luc RACINE 4 Feb 16
Public Talk on Pak Afghanistan Relations 13 Jan 16
Visit of RISS Delegation to NDU 15-28 Nov 15
Roundtable with delegation ex NDC Zimbabwe on "Afghanistan Post 2014 and Beyond 29 Jan 15
Visit of BILGESAM, Turkey to NDU 12-15 Jan 15
Pak-Turkey Security Seminar on: "Russian Foreign Policy on Energy Resources and Pipelines, "Terrorist Organizations in the Context of the Terrorist Activities in the Middle East and Their Impact on Security, "New Security Environment and Security Organizations "Afghanistan, Post 2014 & "Middle East Situation, an Appraisal 16-18 Dec 14
Internal Symposium: World War-I 2 Dec 14
Secy Gen ATF Visit to NDU 29-30 Oct 14
International Seminar with RDDC on "Regional Peace Building - Lessons Learned and Future Stability 21-23 Oct 14
Visit of Royal Jordanian Def College to NDU 29 Sep-1 Oct 14
Visit of RCDS, UK to NDU 26 May 14
Chinese PLA NDU Delegation visit to NDU 15 May 14
RISS, Russia Delegation visit to NDU 9-10 Apr 14
Visit by Australian Institute for European and Security Policy (AIES) Delegation to NDU 2-3 Apr 14
Comdt RDDC Visit to NDU 25-26 Mar 14
COIN Experiences Shared - Danish Researchers Visit to NDU 17-28 Mar 14
Visit by Australian Delegation to NDU for presentation on "Current Environment in Afghanistan and the Likely Situation after 2014 24 Mar 14
Visit of Mr. Topychaknov, Moscow 16-17 Jan 14
Visit of German Capstone Course 20 Nov 13
Visit of NIDS Delegation to NDU for Scholastic Exchange 29-30 Oct 13
Dr. Peter R. Lavoy Acting Assistant Secretary of Defence for Asian and Pacific Security Affairs & Roundtable on "US-Pakistan Security Relations Post 2014 29 Oct 13
Visit of Ms. Anna Wiktersson, Des Offr Challenges Forum and Mr. Jonas Alberoth, Deputy Dir Genceral at the Folke Bernadotte Academy (Challenges Forum Sweden) 25 Oct 13
Visit of Delegation ex Center for Def Higher Studies (CAS) 8-9 Oct 13
Visit of Lt Gen (R) David Bill, Comdt RCDS 3-4 Sep 13
Visit of Japan Delegation 20 Aug 13
Visit of Australian Delegation to NDU 15 Aug 13
Roundtable with Australian Def Intelligence Organization Team 21 May 13
Roundtable with Ian Dudgon, Ex President AIIA on Post 2014 Afghanistan Scenario 8 May 13
Post 2014 Afghanistan Scenario: Interests of Major Stakeholders, Roundtable with Mr. Ian Dudgeon 8 May 13
Visit Comdt NDC Zimbabwe 26-28 Mar 13
Visit of Sudan Mil Academy 18-22 Mar 13
Visit of Sudan High Military Academy Delegation to NDU 17-23 Mar 13
Interaction with Mr. Daniel S. Markey 25 Feb 13
Perspectives on US Policy of Asia Pivot: Roundtable with Mr. Daniel Markey 25 Feb 13
Roundtable with Amb Ellen Margrethe Loj Peacekeeping in Africa and Expectations from UN 31 Jan 13
4th Pak-Turkey Security Roundtable 19-20 Dec 12
The US and South Asia after 2014: Roundtable with Mr. Alexander Evans 18 Dec 12
Interaction - Mr. Alexander Evan 18 Dec 12
NESA Alumni Dinner 17 Dec 12
Lec by Amb James A. Laracco 17 Dec 12
Visit - Chinese (CICIR) Delegation 7 Dec 12
Visit - Snr Lvl Mil Offrs of Chinese PLA 5 Dec 12
Roundtable with Nordic Delegation on Transition in Afghanistan 16 Nov 12
Visit - Sri Lanka Comd & Staff College Delegation 19 Oct 12
Visit - German Armed Forces College Delegation 30-31 Aug 12
Visit - Malaysian Delegation 20 Jul 12
Interaction with Dr. Claude, Australian Journalist 11 June 12
Interaction with Amb James Larocco, Dir NESA 18 May 12
NESA Alumni Dinner 17 Mar 12
Jt Seminar - Chinese Think Tanks 2-9 Apr 12
Visit - President NDU China for signing of MoC b/w NDU Isb & NDU China 27 Mar 12
Interaction with RUSI, UK 28 Feb 12
Interaction with Steve Coll 20 Feb 12
Interaction with Amb James Laracco 24 Feb 12
Interaction with RUSI Delegation 28 Feb12
Addresses by President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan 17 Feb 12
Interaction with US Journalists 27 Jan 12
Interaction with Royal Danish Defence College 25 Jan 12
Non Traditional Security Issues; A Joint Event of ISSRA-NDU with Carnegie Endowment for Peace and Stimson Center 10 Jan 12
Dialogue with RDDC Denmark 25 Jan 12
Roundtable with US Journalists 27 Jan 12
Interaction with Amb James Larocco, Dir NESA 24 Feb 12
National Wksp on Baluchistan Situation: Perceptions and Realities - The Way Forward" 17-18 July 12
Seminar on Afghanistan Endgame: Quest for Peace & Stability 27 June 12
Strategic Environment & its Fallout on Regional Security & Economic Development (A Joint Seminar of NDU Islamabad with Party School of the Central Committee of CPC & PLA NDU) 2-8 Apr 12
Seminar on Non Prolife Regime: Implications for Pakistan 9 Feb 12
Visit Amb Denis Kux, USA 18 Nov 11
Visit Amb Larocco, Dir NESA 17 Nov 11
Interaction with Brian Cloughley, Australian Commentator 28 Oct 11
Visit Azeri Delegation 24-25 Oct 11
Interaction with RUSI Delegation 10 Oct 11
Visit Amb Larocco, Dir NESA 6 Oct 11
Visit Mr. Hadlay, USIP 5 Oct 11
Visit Thomas Lynch 21 Jul 11
Visit by Peter Bergen 19 Jul 11
Visit US National War College 16 May 11
REGIONAL SECURITY ISSUES A joint event of ISSRA-NDU with Carnegie Endowment for Peace and Stimson Center 02 Feb 11
2nd Pakistan-Turkey Security Seminar 22-24 Dec 10
Challenges Forum Coordination Meeting 25-27 Nov 10
National Defence University(NDU) - National Defence University(NDU) (Washington) Strategic Dialogue 2010 13-14 Jul 10
Global Trends & Regional Security, A Roundtable jointly organized with Carnegie Mellon and Stimson Centers 9 Jun 10
12th ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF), Heads of Defence Universities Colleges Institutes Meeting (HDUCIM), Islamabad 21-23 Oct 08
3rd Pak-German Security Seminar 1-2 Sep 08
International Conference on UN Peacekeeping 06-07 Mar 07


45th Conference of Comdt (CoC 2016) at the Polish National Defence Academy (PNDA) in Warsaw, Poland 23-25 May 16 Warsaw, Poland
Challenges Forum Meeting on United Nations Peace Operations 2020: The UN Reviews and Their Implications for Tomorrows Missions 7-10 May 2016 New York USA
4th Intl Middle East Congress Conf 26-30 Apr 16 Hatay, Turkey
NDU Delegation visit to RISS for a conf "Integrational Processes in Greater Eurasia 20 Apr 16 Moscow Russia
SSN 2016 Call for Nominations for Working Groups 31 Mar - 3 Apr 2016 Ankara, Turkey
NDU Delegation Visit to KDU for Jt Pub 15-22 Feb 16 Sri Lanka
Challenges Forum Mtg 26-28 Jan 15 USA
NESA-Pak Afghan Seminar 18-25 Nov 14 USA
International Conf: Shift in the world system and its impact on the Middle East (SSC-Doha) 24-27 Nov 14 SSC-Doha
Seminar at IHEDN, France 28 Oct - 8 Nov 14 Australia
Challenges Annual Forum Beijing 14-16 Oct 2014 France
NDU Delegation Visit to Russia 13-15 Oct 2014 Russia
Legal Aspects of Combating Terrorism at Def Institute of Intl Legal Studies (DILLS) New York, Rhode 25 Aug-5 Sep 2014 USA
Challenges Forum Research Workshop 10-11 Apr 2014 Russia
Alsharg Roundtable on Middle East 27-30 Mar 2014 Geneva
Strategic Studies Summit, NDU Washington 23-25 Feb 2014 Thailand
Annual Challenges Forum Meeting 5-7 Dec 2013 Argentina
Strategic Cross Road Conference 10-15 Dec 2013 China
Visit of NDU Delegation to Armed Force War College, Azerbaijan 19-21 Nov 2013 Azerbaijan
17th ARF HDUCIM 11-14 Nov 2013 Brunei Darusslam
Research Project on Counter Insurgency Strategy - Experience and Challenges 4-9 Nov 2013 Denamrk
Challenges Forum Authors Workshop 1-2 Oct 2013 Sweden
Strategic Studies Network Working Groups Meeting 17-19 May 2013 Jordan
International Security Forum and Network Directors Meeting 22-25 Apr 2013 Switzerland
Participation in 3rd Regional Conference 9-12 Apr 2013 Lebanon
DG ISSRA Participation in 7th Pacific Program for Senior National Security Officer (APPSNO) 7-13 Apr 2013 Singapore
Participation in South Asian Teaching Session on International Humanitarian Law 4-12 Apr 2013 Nepal
Visit to NAUSS KSA for Signing of MoU 7-14 Dec 2012 KSA
16th ARF Meeting 4-8 Nov 2012 China
Strat Forum Meeting 6-9 Nov 2012 Thailand
Plenary Meeting 3-6 Nov 2012 Thailand
Challenges Forum Wksp 15-17 Oct 2012 German
Graduate Course on NATO 7-21 Aug 2012 Denmark
Visit - NDU Delegation to Denmark 20-24 May 2012 Denmark
Challenges Forum Meeting 7-11 May 2012 Switzerland
Visit - DG ISSRA to China during FST 9-16 Apr 2012 China
2nd Regional Forum 28 Mar-1 Apr 2012 Lebanon
SSN Working Gps Meeting 8-10 Mar 2012 Sri Lanka
Challenges Forum Partner Meeting 16-17 Feb 2012 Egypt
Pakistan Intl Fellow at the NESA Centre for Strat Centre, NDU Washington Oct 2011-Mar 2012 USA
15th ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) Meeting 29 Nov-2 Dec 2011 Indonesia
Regional Network Strategic Studies Center (RNSSC) Plenary Meeting 28 Nov-1 Dec 2011 Turkey
US - Pak Strategic Dialogue (Track - 2)
19-20 Sep, 2011
Asia Pacific Program
04-10 Aug, 2011
Counter Terrorism Capacity Building Wksp
27-31 Mar 11
Conf on " Intl Forum for the Challenges of Peace Ops
15-17 Feb 11
Counter Terrorism Capacity Building Wksp
19-23 Dec 10
Near East South Asia (NESA), Regional Network of Strategic Studies Center (RNSSC) Plenary Meeting
11-14 Nov 10
14th ASEAN Regional Forum(ARF), Heads of Defence Universities Colleges Institutes Meeting (HDUCIM)
6-10 Nov 10
Washington, USA
International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) on Global Strat Review (GSR) -2010
10-15 Sep 10
Switzerland, Geneva
1.5 Track Dialogue
7-9 Jul 10
1st Pak-Turkey Security Seminar
3-5 Jun 10
3rd Challenges Forum
27-29 Apr 10
Asia Pacific Program for Senior Military Officers
11-14 Apr 10
2nd Challenges Forum
9 - 13 Nov 09
New York, USA
13th ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF), Heads of Defence Universities Colleges Institutes Meeting (HDUCIM)
3 - 6 Nov 09
US-Pak Strategic Dialogue (Track-2)
7-9 Oct 09
International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) on Global Strat Review (GSR)-2009
11-14 Sep 09
Switzerland, Geneva
Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Seminar on Nuclear Proliferation
6 - 9 Jul 09
California, USA
Brookings Counter Insurgency Workshop
10-12 Mar 09
Brookings, Washington DC, USA
US-Pak Strategic Dialogue (Track-2)
15-16 Dec 08
National Defence University(NDU), Islamabad - Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), Monterey California (USA) Dialogue
24-27 Jun 08
Monterey USA