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What does ISSRA stand for?
Institute for Strategic Studies, Research and Analysis (ISSRA)
What is the organizational structure of ISSRA?
ISSRA is headed by a two star Director General (DG), while the respective five branches are headed by Directors (Brigs / Equivalent). Additionally, Deputy Directors (Lt Cols / Equivalent), Grade-II Officers, Research Associates (RAs) and Research Officers (ROs) support various activities at ISSRA.
What are Roles / Tasks of ISSRA?
  • Carryout and publish research work for Services Headquarters and Ministries.
  • Interact with other national and international research organizations by holding and attending symposia / workshops / seminars / round tables / dialogues.
  • Plan and conduct
    • National Security Workshops.
    • National Media Workshops.
    • Other courses i.e Information Operations Course and Pinnacle Course.
  • Formulation and revision of various Doctrines.
  • What are various Branches and their Tasks in ISSRA?
  • Global and Regional Studies (GS/RS) Branch
    • Undertake research on global and regional issues.
  • Defence Studies (DS) Branch (incl Centre of Excellence for Disaster Mgmt)
    • Research and analysis of hard core military subjects.
  • Internal Studies / Research & Publication (IS/R&P) Branch (Incl Centre of Excellence for 4th Generation Warfare)
    • Research and analysis of internal issues related to socio-political and socio-economic environment of Pakistan.
    • Prepare and update NDU folder of Research Methodology.
    • Prepare, edit and publish NDU / ISSRA publications, monographs, newsletters, post conference / seminars and dialogue reports
  • Keystone, Capstone & Pinnacle Programmes / Centre of Excellence for Peacekeeping Studies (KC&PP/CEPS) Branch (Incl Centre for Conflict Resolution and Peace Operations)
    • Plan and conduct
    • National Security Workshops.
    • National Media Workshops.
    • Other courses i.e Information Operations Course and Pinnacle Course.
    • Evolving peace keeping doctrine for Pakistan Armed Forces.
    • Act as Think Tank and participate with different international peace keeping organizations / institutions.
    • Making contours of peace keeping training to be implemented at tactical, operational and strategic levels.
  • National and Military History Cell
    • To establish, organize and maintain National & Military History.
    • To develop a data base / information pool on Pak-India Wars.
    • To publish research on military history.
    • To build the resource material on military history.
  •  Collaboration and Coordination (C&C) Branch
    • Interaction with contemporary institutes, inland and abroad.
    • Provision of bridge between government, local, regional and international platform on issues of strategic and regional stability.
    • Establishes contacts with contemporary research organizations.
    • Interaction through conferences, seminars, workshops etc.
    • Exchange of faculty.
    • Issues annual forecast of events.
    • Assists all branches during conduct of central activities.
    • "Acts as point of contact" for ISSRA and coordinating all routine with various segments of NDU / outside.
    How to approach / contact?
    Postal Address
      ISSRA, National Defence University, Sector E-9 Islamabad, Pakistan
    Email Address
    Telephone numbers
      +92519260663 (Fax)
    How could I contribute towards any publications at ISSRA?
    Publication on Global / Regional / Internal issues can be sent to following address:-
      DD Publication & Research
      +92-51-9260651 (extension) 5285
      Direct: +92-51-2008-12-5285
      Fax: +92-51-9260663
  • The paper will be scrutinized / reviewed and if found valuable, be published with information to the sender.
  • Article should be limited to 5000 words and must not exceed 6500 words, excluding references. Footnotes should be based on the Chicago style.
  • Manuscripts once receipt will be reviewed internally for originality and will be gauged for plagiarism (permissible up to 19%) by HEC provided software
  • What is procedure of attending NMW/NSW, Seminars/Work shops?
    Every year ISSRA conducts NSW/NMW as per its sch. Self financed seats are advertised through print media & remaining are nominated. Distr of seats for NSW / NMW is appended below:-

  • National Security Workshop (NSW)

  • Categories

    No of Vacs

    Sel Auth

    Total Vacancies (77)



    Sel by Chairman Senate



    Sel by Speaker National Assembly




    Sel by Speaker Provincial Assemblies

    Bureaucrats/ technocrats



    Sel by Secy Establishment Division



    Sel by Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Military (Army, Navy and Air force)


    Sel by MS branch GHQ,NHQ & AHQ

    Minor Parties


    Chairman of the party

    Self Finance/pvt sector 15 President NDU
    Saudi Nationals 2 -

  • National Media Workshop (NMW)
  • Categories

    No of Vacs

    Sel Authorities

    Total Vacancies (67)

    Electronic Media / Print Media (News)


    Selection by ISPR, Ministry of Information, PEMRA, ISI

    Entertainment Media / performing Arts





    All Regional Universities will be contacted

    Think Tanks





    2x MNAs, 1x MPA from each province, 1x member each GBLA & AJ&KLA




    Business Community



    Gen Public / self request









    Min of Info and Broadcast






    Saudi Nationals



    Is boarding / lodging provided by NDU during NMW & NSW?
    Yes, for all participants. However, self financed participants have option to reside at own arrangements.
    Does ISSRA offer opportunity to Civilians for enrolment at ISSRA as RA?
    Enrollment procedure
    Entire enrolled process is initiated by Collaboration and Coordination (C&C) Branch for enrollment of RAs as under:-
  • Post advertised in newspaper
  • Short listed candidates will be called for written test.
  • Basing on overall merit further short listed candidates are called for interview by the designated panel.
  • Does ISSRA offer opportunity for Internship?
    Enrollment procedure
    Entire enrolled process is initiated by Collaboration and Coordination (C&C) Branch for enrollment of RAs as under:-
  • Internship will be offered to the fresh graduates mainly from the disciplines of IR, Defence Strategic Studies, Defence and Diplomatic Studies, Peace and conflict studies, political science, Pakistan Studies and Economic Studies etc.
  • MSc / BS (4 years program) students will be entertained prior to the last semester of their studies or on completion of the degree.
  • M. Phil students will be entertained on completion of the course work or completion of the degree.
  •  Placement through Ministry of Defence and paid by Government of Pakistan for a period of one year through Youth Scholarship Program. Honorary Interns for a period i.e. 6-12 months. Honorary Interns for a short duration i.e. 6-8 weeks.
  • Does ISSRA collaborate National / International Think Tank for Joint Studies / Seminars / Workshops?
    ISSRA frequently collaborate with domestic as well as Global Think Tanks in pursuit of academic excellence primarily focusing on global, regional and national security issues including economic issues.

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