1. Use of Soft Power by India as a Strategic Weapon: Media's Manipulation
    (Syed Moazzam Ali Hashmi, Dr. Arshi Saleem Hashmi and JaveriaFarooqi)

  2. Climate Security and Survival Discourse: Emerging Era of Non-Traditional Threats to the Nation State System
    (Syed Muhammad Ali Shah and Dr. Shaheen Akhtar)

  3. Evolution of Civil Society in Conflict Prone Countries of 21st Century
    (Muhammad Samrez Salik)

  4. Pacifism to Confrontation: Conflict Dynamics between the Nuclear Contenders (India-Pakistan)
    (Dr. Musarat Amin and Dr. Rizwan Naseer)

  5. Impact of Declining Macro-economic Indicators on the National Security of Pakistan
    (Zaib Maroof and Obaid-Ur-Rehman)

  6. The Role of Energy Sector in Economic Development of Pakistan in the context of Sustainability and Resilience: A Reality Check
    (Ms. Tatheer Fatima, Dr. Shazia Hassan and Ms. Wajeeha Ghias )

  7. Socio-economic Factors behind Radicalization:Evidence from Pakistan
    (Fozia Tanoli, Dr. Qaim Raza Jaffry and Sardar Ali )

  8. Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Conflict Resolution: A Comparative Study of Pakistan and India Bilateral Relations
    (Mariam Akhtar, Qurat ul Ain and Afifa Kiran)

  9. Nuclearization in the Gulf and Its Impact on the Regional Stability
    (Dr. Waseem Ishque, Dr. Ghulam Qumber and Dr. Saqib Riaz)

  10. Critical Discourse Analysis of Use of Human Shield in India: A Perspective from Pakistan
    (Waseem Iftikhar)

  11. United States and Imperialism: A Paradox or Reality?
    (Dr. Umbreen Javaid and Mir Waheed Akhlaq)

  12. Pakistan Securitizes Energy: Political Evaluation of Solar Technology Utilization
    (Sara Batool Naqvi and Dr. Musarrat Jabeen)

  13. Evaluating Iran-Saudi Strategic Competition in Middle East: Implications for Regional Security
    (Dr. Farhat Konain Shujahi and Muhammad Shafiq)

  14. Critical Discourse Analysis of Contemporary Islamophobic Narratives: Deconstructing the Phraseology of Fear and Intolerance
    (Dr. Jamil Asghar, Dr. Muhammad Uzair and Dr. Arshad Mehmood)

  15. Alliance Politics and the New Power Equation in Middle East
    (Dr. Nazir Hussain and Amna Javed)

  16. Space Weapons: A Rapidly Evolving Threat to South Asian Strategic Balance
    (Ahmed Saeed Minhas)

  17. Being Recognizable: Identity Beyond State Great Power Politics, Non-State Actors and the Israel-Palestine Conflict
    (Shumaila Zahoor, Ahmed Saeed Minhas and Nabeel Hussain)

  18. The Impact of Conflicting Middle Eastern Strategic Cultures on the Geopolitics of the Region
    (Dr. Zulfqar Khan and Muhammad Jawad Aziz)

  19. Geo-Politics of China - Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)
    (Dr. Waseem Ishaque, Syed Jawad Shah and Muhammad Adeel ur Rehman )

  20. Radicalization and Divergent Education System in Pakistan - Challenges and Future Prospects
    (Dilawar Khan and Hafeez Ullah Khan)

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