1. India-Pakistan Nuclear Equation: The Need for an Arms Control and Disarmament Regime
    (Muhammad Arshad)

  2. Sovereign Development: Outline of a Grand Strategy for Pakistan
    (Arshad Zaman)

  3. Kashmir Uprising: Indian Approach and Regional Stability
    (Muhammad Tehsin and Adnan Bukhari)

  4. Drivers of Anti-Americanism in Pakistan
    (Musarat Amin and Rizwan Naseer)

  5. Terror Financing and Growth of Terrorist Groups: A Case Study of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan
    (Arshi Saleem Hashmi and Muhammad Saqib)

  6. Indian Maritime Doctrine: Implications for Pakistan’s Security
    (Sobia Hanif)

  7. Role of Traditional vs. Digital Media in Determining Psychological Nationalism and Patriotism among Pakistani Youth
    (Sumaira Rashid, Shahzada Qaisar, Afsheen Masood and Intzar Hussain Butt)

  8. Af-Pak Strategy: An Emerging Challenge for Pakistan’s Security Paradigm
    (Lubna Sunawar)

  9. Reporting Taliban Conflict: Analysis of Pakistani Journalists’ Attitude Towards National Security
    (Sidra Agha and Shabir Hussain)

  10. Lessons for Strategists Chinese Policy, Strategy and Decision Making in Korean War (1950 – 1953)
    (Lieutenant General Zahid Latif Mirza)

  11. Conceptualizing the Energy-Military Security Connection: Implications for Pakistan
    (Muhammad Afzal Baig)

  12. Importance of Personality Development and Learning Environment for Deradicalization in Pakistan
    (Shahid Yaqub Abbasi and Ali Basit)

  13. Applicability of Hybrid Warfare to Pakistan: Challenges and Possible Responses
    (Andrew Korybko)

  14. Pakistan in the 21st Century – Perception Management
    (Andrew Korybko)

  15. America’s War for the Greater Middle East: A Military History
    (Andrew J Bacevich)

  16. Pakistan-Sri Lanka Relations: A Story of Friendship
    (Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Imran, PhD and Bhagya Senaratne)

  17. Pakistan at the Crossroads: Domestic Dynamics and External Pressures
    (Christophe Jaffrelot)

  18. Pakistan’s Enduring Challenges
    (C.C Fair and Sarah J. Watson)