(Volume: XXIII, Issue II, 2019)

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  1. Prioritizing the Defence against Biological Threats: Pakistan's Response and Preparedness
    (Rubina Ali and Manzoor Khan Afridi)

  2. Rise of Right-Wing Indian Nationalism: Implications for South Asia
    (Marium Fatima, Ghulam Ali Murtaza and Arshi Saleem Hashmi)

  3. From Geo-Economics to Geo-Politics: Emerging Maritime Power-Politics in the Indo-Pacific Ocean Region
    (Maliha Zeba Khan )

  4. Emerging Network Centric Warfare Capabilities of Indian Military: Challenges for Pakistan’s Security
    (Muhammad Jawad Hashmi and Sultan Mubariz Khan)

  5. Nuclear Deterrence and Conflict Transformation: Assessing States Behaviour in South Asia
    (Hassan Jalil Shah and Naseem Anwar Khan)

  6. Enhancing the Efficacy of Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime: Significance of Pakistan’s NSG Membership
    (Rubina Waseem and Abeer Iftikhar Tahirkheli)

  7. Determinants of the US Nuclear Imperialism: A Theoretical Analysis
    (Nabeel Hussain and Shumaila Zahoor)

  8. Countering Strategic Coercion: A Case Study of Pakistan
    (Shabana Fayyaz)

  9. Pre-emption and Coercion – A Case Study of Syrian Disarmament Discourse
    (Waseem Iftikhar Janjua, Ahmed Saeed Minhas and Farhat Konain Shujahi)

  10. US Sinusoid Policies towards Pakistan: Influencing Pak-China Relations
    (Ibtisam Butt and Safdar Ali Shirazi)

  11. Critical Analysis of the US Mediating Role in India–Pakistan Conflict
    (Azeem Gul and Riaz Ahmad)

  12. US Failure in Afghanistan: Half-Baked Planning or Pakistan?
    (Muhammad Hashim Zafar Wadhen, Shafei Moiz Hali and Adnan Jamil)

  13. Operation Zarb-e-Azb: Retrospective View in the Context of US Response
    (Nasir Naveed)

  14. Tribal Identity Dynamics: A Case Study of US-Haqqanis Relationship
    (Rashid Ahmed, Anum Babur and Qaim Raza Jaffry)

  15. Role of Core State in a Regional Organization: A Case Study of Iran Vis-à-Vis Economic Cooperation Organization
    (Muhammad Ajmal Abbasi and Muhammad Khan)

  16. How Best to Untangle the Persian Puzzle?
    (Saqib Anjum)

  17. US-North Korea Rapprochement and its Impact on Regional Stability
    (Waseem Ishaque, Musarat Amin and Mudassir Mukhtar)

  18. Role of Social Networking Sites in Fostering Active Citizenship: A Study of Facebook Users in Pakistan
    (Aisha Anees Malik and Sajjad Haider)

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