1. An Insight Into Rohingya The Unwanted People
    (Dr. Asma Shakir Khawaja, Ms. Asma Hussain Khan and Adnan Jamil)

  2. Countering Indian Ballistic Missile Defense & Strategic Stability In South Asia
    (Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal)

  3. Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) Membership:A Case of Non-Npt Nuclear Weapon States
    (Dr. Zulfqar Khan and Rubina Waseem)

  4. Emerging Space Weapons Probability And Indian Quest for Great Power Status: Implications For South Asian Deterrence Stability
    (Dr. Ahmed Saeed Minhas and Dr. Ghulam Qumber)

  5. The Emerging Strategic Security Alignment:A Case of Golden Ring of Security in Eurasian Region
    (Muhammad Samrez Salik and Ms. Khurshid Fatima)

  6. China Pakistan Economic Corridor:Geopolitical Importance For Central Asian Republics
    (Dr. Sarwat Rauf, Dr. Umer Iftikhar and Dr. Farhat Konain Shujahi)

  7. Strategic Restraint Regime In South Asia
    (Dr. Muhammad Khan, Ahmed Khan and Dr. Syed Turab Hyder)

  8. The Case Of Libya’s Wmd: Analysis Of Key Factors For Nuclear Turnaround
    (Muhammad Usman Asghar, Dr. Muhammad Bashir Khan and Dr. Shahzad Hussain)

  9. Peacebuilding In Afghanistan: Shifting Us Strategies Since 2001
    (Amanullah Khan and Dr. Noman Sattar)

  10. 2018 Nuclear Posture Review Of The United States And Its Implications On Global Security
    (Tauqeer Hussain Sargana, Mujahid Hussain and Hafeez Ullah Khan)

  11. Conceptualising Nuclear Diplomacy In 2nd Nuclear Age
    (Nasir Hafeez and Professor Dr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema)

  12. Balochistan Turmoil Conflict Transformation Approach
    (Nazir Ahmed and Dr. Musarrat Jabeen)

  13. Climate Proofing Indus Water Treaty : Synergistic Integration Of Transboundary Waters’ Climate Change Adaptation Practices
    (Fiaz Hussain Shah)

  14. Refugees and The Global Economy of Human Trafficking: A Case Study Of Syrian Refugees
    (Asma Sana Bilal and Zoha Khalid)

  15. Linkage of Education and Learning Environment with Economic Development of Pakistan
    (Shahid Yaqub Abbasi, Fatima Saleem and Zobia Noreen)

  16. India-US Strategic Partnership: A Study From The Lens of Regional Security Complex
    (Dr. Muhammad Khurshid Khan)

  17. Geostrategic Significance of Wakhan Corridor For Afghanistan, China And Pakistan
    (Dr. Muhammad Munir and Dr. Muhammad Shafiq)

  18. Pakistan’s Elite English Press Debates Pioneer Women: Hina Rabbani Khar And Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy
    (Shiza Nisar)

  19. Articulating Educational Vision For Pakistan: The Early Post-Independence Indigenous Attempt
    (Dr. Rafaqat Islam, Dr. Sarfraz Hussain Ansari and Dr. Qaim Raza Jaffry)

  20. The Exodus of Jews From Arab and Muslim Countries Often Compared to the Nakba and the Displacement of Arab Palestinians. What is the Basis For This Comparison? Is it Valid?
    (Tariq Suleman)

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