1. Reflections on Indo-Pak 1971 War Through Theories of War and Peace
    (Zahid Latif Mirza)

  2. Role and significance of senate in the federation of Pakistan: An analysis before and after 18th amendment to the constitution of 1973
    (Dr. Umbreen Javaid & Zainab Ahmed)

  3. Is there a drift towards post-hegemony in the global hierarchy?
    (Nazish Mahmood & Dr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema)

  4. Synergizing foreign and security policy of Pakistan
    (Dr. Zulfqar Khan)

  5. Hurdles in women development in Pakistan
    (Dr. Aisha Anees Malik & Muhammad Aamir)

  6. Indian strategic thinking & partnership with israel: implications for Pakistan
    (Attiq ur Rehman & Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal)

  7. Constitutional status Of Gilgit Baltistan: An issue of human security
    (Ehsan Mehmood Khan, PhD)

  8. Pakistan’s foreign policy towards Afghanistan since operation freedom sentinel: An overview
    (Maliha Zeba Khan)

  9. Living on the frontlines: Perspective from the Neelum Valley
    (Dr. Shaheen Akhtar)

  10. Understanding the causes of militancy in Pakistan’s frontier
    (Dr. Ejaz Akram & Nauman Hassan)

  11. Indian ballistic missile defense (BMD) shield and space weapon ambitions: Implications for south Asian strategic environment
    (Ahmed Saeed Minhas & Dr. Farhat Konain Shujahi)

  12. The new American militarism and its impact on world politics
    (Dr. Mansur Umar Khan)

  13. Realising South Asian economic union in 21st century
    (Raza ul Munem)

  14. Sources and impact of the trust deficit In Pakistan – us relations (2008-2014)
    (Manzoor Ahmad, Naveeda Yousaf & Zahir Shah)

  15. Inter-faith dialogue; A solution for global peace
    (Dr. Muhammad Khan & Arshmah Jamil)

  16. Libya descent into chaos - the need for strategic management
    (Dr. Hassan Jalil Shah)

  17. Exit of Pakistan from IMF: Implications for the economy
    (Samia Majeed Hashmi)

  18. Pak-China partnership: us and India’s response
    (Asma Rashid)

  19. USA’s pivot to Asia; cooperation or containment- an intrusive analysis from realist perspective
    (Dr. Waseem Ishaque, Saqib Anjum & Syed Jawad Shah)

  20. Strategic national perspective & CPEC understanding the changing international paradigms
    (Dr. Muhammad Zia-ur-Rehman)