Publication Policy Agreement

Publication Terms

Submission of any manuscript to ISSRA Papers means:-

  • that the author(s) work has not published it earlier in any other journal, book or a book chapter, be it printed or online (except in the form of an abstract or an academic thesis).
  • that it is also not in any way under consideration for publication elsewhere,
  • that the submitted manuscript has the permission for publication from all of the concerned author(s) and is approved from the responsible authorities where that work was carried out, and
  • that, if accepted in ISSRA Papers, will not be published elsewhere in the same form, in any language, without the prior consent of the publisher.

The editors of ISSRA Papers have the right to edit or to alter all contributions, but authors of the submitted work will provide a testimony before the publication of their work in ISSRA Papers.

The contents of this 'Journal' are writer's personal views. The statements, facts and opinions by the authors in the NDU Journal do not imply the official policy of the National Defence University, Editorial Board, Advisory Board or the publishers.

The submitted manuscripts are treated as per following procedure:

  • Acknowledgement within 48 hours on receipt of paper
  • Preliminary review/scrutiny by the Editor, rejection or provisional acceptance (2 weeks)
  • Peer review by National expert (6 weeks)
  • Improvement / changes in the paper by the author as suggested by national reviewer (4 weeks)
  • Peer review from the foreign expert preferably on receipt of revised version by the author (6 weeks)
  • Improvement / revision (if any) by the author suggested by the foreign expert (4 weeks)
  • Final editing, formatting, processing and printing etc (Editor can change, edit remove or add any required information or ask the writer to do so
  • Publication of the journal (tentatively) by December of the year.
National Defence University, Islamabad