ISSRA Papers (The Journal of Governance and Public Policy) is an HEC recognised, category 'Y' research journal published by the Institute for Strategic Studies, Research and Analysis (ISSRA). The Journal is being published regularly since 2010.


ISSRA Papers primarily deals with the research carried out on Governance and Public Policy issues by the academicians, research scholars, intelligentsia, and practitioners. Some of the subjects included in its scope are:-

  1. Governance
  2. Scientific and Technological Developments in the fields of defence and armament.
  3. Leadership and Management Sciences
  4. Behavioral Sciences
  5. Policy Studies
  6. Youth and Urban Affairs
  7. Religious and Sectarian Issues
  8. Socio-economic and Political Affairs
  9. Sports, Fine Arts and Culture
  10. Any other subject being researched at NDU, basing on the theme and quality of the paper received for publication.
National Defence University, Islamabad