The President of Pakistan is the Chancellor of the NDU. The management of the NDU is vested in a three Star General from the Pakistan Army, who is called the President of the University. The University is organized into two Faculties and one Institute:-

Constituent Colleges:

  • National Security College
  • Armed Forces War College

       Affiliated Colleges:

  • Command and Staff College, Quetta
  • Naval War College, Lahore
  • Air War College, Karachi  

       Institute for Strategic Studies Research and Analysis (ISSRA)

       National War Gaming Centre (NWGC)

       Faculty of Contemporary Studies (FCS)

  • Department of Government & Public Policy
  • Department of Peace & Conflict Studies
  • Department of Strategic & Nuclear Studies
  • Department of  International Relations
  • Department of Leadership and Management Studies

     The National Security College, the Armed Forces War College and the Faculty of Contemporary Studies (FCS)  are the instructional Colleges/Faculty for conducting various courses / studies in security and defence studies, whereas the ISSRA acts as a think-tank apart from conducting the National Security Workshops, Capstone Courses and symposia / seminars.

     The Headquarters/Administrative Wing provides administrative and technical support to the University.

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