Faculty of Contemporary Studies (FCS)

Department of  Strategic Studies (SS)

Total Degree Credits Hours: 66 (All courses 3 credits hours)

Compulsory Courses

SS-501            Introduction to Strategic Studies

SS-502            Evolution and Development of Strategic Thought

SS-503            Introduction to War: Theory and Conduct

SS-504            Theories of IR

SS-505            Research Methodology

SS-506            Contemporary Security Studies

SS-507            Political Economy & Economics of Defence

SS-508            Arms Control and Disarmament

SS-509            Evolution and Dimensions of Nuclear Strategy and Deterrence Theory

SS-510            Introduction to Strategic Stability in South Asia

SS-511            Thesis (optional)

*           Maximum of three Courses in the entire MSc program can be taken from any other

Department with the prior permission of the Head of the Department

(not all in one semester)


2. Optional Courses

SS-512            Role of Nuclear Weapons in the Contemporary Intl System

SS-513            Theory and Practice of Nuclear Command and Control

SS-514            National Power: Its Concept, Elements and Evaluation

SS-515            Scenario Building: Planning and Simulation Exercises

SS-516            Conflict and Crisis Management

SS-517            Programs and Policies of the Nuclear Weapon States (Case Study)

SS-518            Strategic Decision Making and Policy formulation

SS-519            Nuclear Energy and Environmental Issues

SS-520            Seminar on National and International Security (Reworded from

SS-521            Nuclear Technology and Weapons

SS-522            Strategic Culture

SS-523            Power: Policy, Strategy & Doctrine

SS-524            Strategic Dimension of International Coalitions, Alliances & Organizations-Nato,UN

SS-525            Introduction to Civil Military Relations

SS-526            Development of Air Strategy and Air Warfare

SS-527            Development of Naval Strategy and Naval Warfare

SS-528            International Humanitarian Law and use of force

SS-529            Information and Psychological Warfare and Operations

SS-530            Energy Security

SS-531            Traditional & Non Traditional Security Paradigms

SS-532            International Politics Post - 1945

SS-533            Terrorism Studies

SS-534            Irregular and Asymmetric Warfare

SS-535            Missile and Space Programs

SS-536            BMD Systems: Technology and Politics

SS-537            Security and Strategic Dynamic of South Asia

SS-538            Middle Eastern Security Issues

SS-539            East Asian Security Issues

SS-540            Central Asian Security Issues

SS-541            European Security Issues

SS-542            Latin American Security Issues

SS-543            North American Security Issues

SS-544            Writing and Communication Skills

SS-545            Dynamics of Afghan Conflict & Its Implications

SS-546            Revolution in Military Affairs/Technology/Warfare

SS-547            Nuclear Non Proliferation Regime

SS-548            Nuclear Safety and Security

SS-549            Cyber Security

SS-550            National Security of Pakistan

SS-551            Foreign and Defence Policy of INDIA