Faculty of Contemporary Studies (FCS)

Department of Peace & Conflict Studies

Ph.D Peace & Conflict Studies

Courses (3 Credits each)

PS-701  Advanced Course: Research Methodology
PS-702  Advanced Course: Theories of War and Peace
PS-703  Advanced Course: Contemporary Conflict Resolution
PS-704  Advanced Course: Globalization and Conflict
PS-705  Advanced Course: Peace and Security in South Asia
PS-706  Advanced Course: Regionalism & Regional Integration
PS-707  Advanced Course: Arms Control and Disarmament
PS-708  Advanced Seminar: Political Economy of Peace and Conflict
PS-709  Advanced Seminar “Perspectives on Terrorism”
PS-710  Advanced Seminar: Kashmir Dispute and its Resolution
PS-711  Advanced Seminar: Civil Society and Political Change
PS-712  Advanced Seminar on Afghanistan
PS-713  Advanced Seminar on India
PS-714  Advanced Seminar on National Security Issues
PS-715  Advanced Seminar International Society and World Political Order
PS-716  Advanced Seminar: Selected contemporary Issues in Peace and Conflict
PS-717  Advanced Seminar: Conflict Resolution Practices
PS-718  Advanced Seminar: Mediation and Negotiation
PS-719  Advanced Seminar: Religion Culture and Conflict
PS-720  Advanced Seminar: Media & Conflict
PS-721  Advanced Seminar: Theories of International Relations
PS-722  Advanced Seminar: Foreign Policy of Analysis

Note: The Supervisor/HOD/Dean FCS may recommend any advanced level M.Phil / PhD course which he deems necessary for the students in other teaching departments of NDU. Such a course taken by student with approval from Supervisor/HOD/Dean shall be treated as credit course.