Faculty of Contemporary Studies (FCS)

Department of Peace & Conflict Studies (PCS)

M.SC peace & conflict studies

Compulsory Courses

All compulsory and optional courses are of 3 credits each. Research Thesis will be of 6 credits.

PCS-501  International Relations: Theories and Issues
PCS-502  Introduction to Peace Studies
PCS-503  Ethnic Conflicts: Perspectives, Theories and Sources
PCS-504  Research Methodology
PCS-506  Conflict Resolution
PCS-507  Conflict Analysis and Management: Theory and Practice
PCS-509  Traditional and Non-traditional Paradigms of Security
PCS-510  Approaches and Perspectives on Terrorism

Optional Courses

PCS-505  Comparative Peace Processes
PCS-508  Conflict Transformation and Peace-Building
PCS-515  Research Thesis (6 Credit Hours)
PCS-521  Post-Conflict Reconstruction
PCS-522  Peace Education
PCS-523  Politics of Asia Pacific
PCS-524  Conflict and Cooperation in Asia Pacific
PCS-525  Seminar: International Politics of Asia Pacific
PCS-526  Politics of Middle East
PCS-527  Conflict and Cooperation in Middle East
PCS-528  Seminar: International Politics of Middle East
PCS-529  Politics of East Africa
PCS-530  Conflict and Cooperation in East Africa
PCS-531  Seminar: International Politics of East Africa
PCS-532  Politics of West Africa
PCS-533  Conflict and Cooperation in West Africa
PCS-534  Seminar: International Politics of West Africa
PCS-535  Politics of Central Asia
PCS-536  Conflict and Cooperation in Central Asia
PCS-537  Seminar: International Politics of Central Asia
PCS-538  Politics of North America
PCS-539  Conflict and Cooperation in North America
PCS-540  Seminar: International Politics of North America
PCS-541  Politics of Western Europe
PCS-542  Conflict and Cooperation in Western Europe
PCS-543  Seminar: International Politics of Western Europe
PCS-544  Politics of Eastern Europe
PCS-545  Conflict and Cooperation in Eastern Europe
PCS-546  Seminar: International Politics of Eastern Europe
PCS-547  Politics of Southeast Asia
PCS-548  Conflict and Cooperation in Southeast Asia
PCS-549  Seminar: International Politics of Southeast Asia
PCS-550  Foreign Policy Analysis
PCS-551  Peace Keeping and Humanitarian Assistance
PCS-552  Dynamics of Peace and Conflict in South Asia
PCS-553  International Human Rights Law
PCS-554  International Humanitarian Law
PCS-555  Terrorism and Political Violence
PCS-556  Culture, Peace and Conflict
PCS-557  Religion: Peace and Violence (Seminar)
PCS-558  Role of Media in Peace and Conflict
PCS-559  Energy, Resource Wars and Conflicts (Seminar)
PCS-560  Human Security and Conflict Prevention
PCS-561  Gender and Armed Conflict
PCS-562  Nationalism
PCS-563  Civil Society and Political Change
PCS-564  Communication Skills (workshop)
PCS-565  International Relations Since 1945
PCS-566  Seminar: Contemporary Issues in Peace and Conflict Studies
PCS 567  Intra-State Conflicts in Pakistan
PCS-568  Seminar: Nationalism, Peace and Conflict
PCS-569  International Law
PCS-570  International Organizations
PCS-571  International Political Economy
PCS-572  Diplomacy and State Craft
PCS-573  Confidence Building Measures and Crisis Management
PCS-574  Practical Training in Conflict Resolving Techniques (PTCRT)
PCS-575  Politics and Foreign Policy of India
PCS-576  Politics and Foreign Policy of Afghanistan
PCS-577  Politics and Foreign Policy of Iran
PCS-578  Politics and Foreign Policy of China
PCS-579  Foreign Policies of Great Powers (USA, Russia, China)
PCS-580  Politics of Environment
PCS-581  Politics of South Asia
PCS-582  Conflict and Cooperation in South Asia
PCS-583  Seminar: International Politics of South Asia
PCS-584  Politics of South America
PCS-585  Conflict and Cooperation in South America
PCS-586  Seminar: International Politics of South America
PCS-587  Politics of North Africa
PCS-588  Conflict and Cooperation in North Africa
PCS-589  Seminar: International Politics of North Africa
PCS-590  Politics of South Africa
PCS-591  Conflict and Cooperation in South Africa
PCS-592  Seminar: International Politics of South Africa
PCS-593  Foreign Policy of Pakistan
PCS-594  Arms Control and Disarmament
PCS-595  Theory and Practice of Non-Violence
PCS-596  Seminar: Conflict Resolution Practices
PCS-597  Communication and Writing Skills
PCS-598  Computer Skills
PCS-599  Seminar: Directed Studies