Faculty of Contemporary Studies (FCS)

Department of Peace & Conflict Studies (PCS)

M.Phil peace & Conflict Studies

Compulsory Courses (3 credits each)

PS-601 Research Methodology
PS-602 Theories of War and Peace
PS-603 Contemporary Conflict Resolution
PS-604 Conflict and Cooperation in South Asia

Optional Courses (3 credits each)

PS-605  Globalization and Conflict
PS-606  Regionalism & Regional Integration
PS-607  Arms Control and Disarmament
PS-608  Seminar: Political Economy of Peace and Conflict
PS-609  Seminar “Perspectives on Terrorism”
PS-610  Seminar: International Politics of Asia Pacific Region
PS-611  Seminar: International Politics of Middle East (West Asia)
PS-612  Seminar: International Politics of Africa
PS-613  Seminar: International Politics of Central Asia
PS-614  Seminar: International Politics of Latin America
PS-615  Seminar: International Politics of North America
PS-616  Seminar: International Politics of Europe
PS-617  Seminar: International Politics of Southeast Asia
PS-618  Seminar: International Politics of South Asia
PS-619  Foreign Policy Analysis
PS-620  Foreign Policies of Major Powers: USA, Russia, China
PS-621  International Law & Organizations
PS-622  Diplomacy and State Craft
PS-623 Politics and Foreign Policies of Neighbouring Countries (India, China, Iran and Afghanistan)
PS-624  Dynamics of India-Pakistan Relations
PS-625  Politics of Middle East
PS-626  Politics of the Gulf Region
PS-627  War and the Contemporary International System
PS-628  International Political Economy
PS-629  Theories of International Relations
PS-630  Seminar: Kashmir Dispute and its Resolution
PS-631  Seminar: Civil Society and Political Change
PS-632  Seminar: Foreign Policy of Pakistan (optional) (optional)
PS-633  CBMS and Crisis Management (optional)
PS-634  Mediation and Negotiations (optional)
PS-635  Seminar: Media and Conflict (optional)
PS-636  Seminar: Conflict Resolution Practices
PS-637  Peace Psychology
PS-638  Seminar: Religion Culture and Conflicts
PS-639  Seminar: Peace Education
PS-640  Conflict Prevention and Strategic Peace Building
PS-641  Seminar: Selected Contemporary Issues in Peace and Conflict Studies