Faculty of Contemporary Studies (FCS)

Faculty of contemporary studies (FCS) 

Department of International Relations (IR)


For MSc Degree in International Relations a candidate will be required to complete 22 Courses. Students will Study Five Courses in Two Semester and Six Courses in two Semesters.  The students can opt 3x courses from other Departments in the entire degree program upon the recommendation of the Head of Department.

Core Courses

IR-501             Theories of International Relations  (3 Cr)

IR-502             International Relations Since 1945  (3 Cr)

IR-503             Introduction to International Law   (3 Cr)

IR-504             Politics of International Economic Relations  (3 Cr)

IR-505             Dimensions of Modern Strategy   (3 Cr)

IR-506             Foreign Policy of Pakistan    (3 Cr)

IR-507             Foreign Policy Analysis  (3 Cr)

IR-508             Research Methodology  (3 Cr)

IR-512-A         International Organizations  (3 Cr)

IR-523             South Asia in World Politics  (3 Cr)

Essential Course

IR-553 Communication and Writing Skills  (3 Cr)

Optional Courses

Group A:        International Politics

IR-509-A         Diplomacy: Theory and Practice   (3 Cr)

IR-510-A         Foreign Policy of Major Powers   (3 Cr)

IR-511             Major Global Issues and International Politics  (3 Cr)

IR-513             Politics of Developing Countries  (3 Cr)

IR-514             Contemporary Muslim World   (3 Cr)

IR-515             Comparative Politics  (3 Cr)

IR-516             Human Rights in International Relations  (3 Cr)

IR-517             International Politics of Environment   (3 Cr)

IR-518             Gender and Development in International Relations  (3 Cr)

IR-519             Diplomatic History of Europe   (3 Cr)

IR-521             Introduction to Peace & Conflict Studies   (3 Cr)

IR-522             IR Since 1648-1945   (3 Cr)

IR-563             Feminism and International Relations    (3 Cr)

IR-565             Rise and Fall of State Sovereignty    (3 Cr)

IR-569-A         Seminar on Current Issues in International Politics   (3 Cr)

IR-571             The Role of Non-State Actors in International Relations    (3 Cr)

IR-572             Evolution of Strategic Thought   (3 Cr)

IR-573             Globalization and International Politics in the contemporary World   (3 Cr)

IR-576             Environmental Issues and International Politics    (3 Cr)

IR-577             Energy Politics in the Contemporary World   (3 Cr)

IR-578             Scenario Building and Policy-Making   (3 Cr)

IR-579             Arms Control and Disarmament    (3 Cr)

IR-580             Introduction to Comparative Political Thoughts   (3 Cr)

IR-581             Dynamics of Emerging threats to International Security    (3 Cr)

IR-583             Non-Traditional Security Threats    (3 Cr)

IR- 592            Introduction to Security Studies  (3 Cr)

IR- 593            Media and Politics    (3 Cr)

IR- 594            Parliamentary Studies    (3 Cr)

IR- 595            Dimensions of Cyber Security   (3 Cr)

IR- 596            Globalization   (3 Cr)

Group B:        Area Study

IR-524             Foreign Policy of India   (3 Cr)

IR-526             Politics and Foreign Policy of Afghanistan   (3 Cr)

IR-527             Politics and Foreign Policy of Iran   (3 Cr)

IR-528             Politics and Foreign Policy of Turkey  (3 Cr)

IR-529             Politics and Foreign Policy of Middle East  (3 Cr)

IR-530             Politics and Foreign Policy of Asia-Pacific Region   (3 Cr)

IR-531             Introduction to Politics of Africa    (3 Cr)

IR-532-A         Seminar on the US Government, Politics, and Society   (3 Cr)

IR-533             International Politics of South America   (3 Cr)

IR-534             International Politics of North America    (3 Cr)

IR-535             Political Dynamics of Central Asia    (3 Cr)

IR-536             Politics of East Asia    (3 Cr)

IR-537             Seminar on Regional Issues/Politics  (3 Cr)

IR-538             Politics of Pakistan   (3 Cr)

IR-539             Politics of India   (3 Cr)

IR-540             Regional Cooperation in South Asia    (3 Cr)

IR-554             Foreign Policy of China    (3 Cr)

IR-555             State and Society of China  (3 Cr)

IR-558             Global Terrorism   (3 Cr)

IR-560-A         Politics and Foreign Policy of Gulf States  (3 Cr)

IR-562             Political Psychology   (3 Cr)

IR-566-A         The US Foreign Policy   (3 Cr)

IR-570             European History and Politics: 1815-1945  (3 Cr)

IR-584             Emerging Regimes in IR   (3 Cr)

IR-585             Regionalism: Dynamics and Diplomacy  (3 Cr)

IR-587             Dynamics of National Security in the Post –Cold War Era   (3 Cr)

IR-588             Politics of Asia-Pacific Region   (3 Cr)

IR-590             Small States in International Politics   (3 Cr)

IR-591             Critical Security Studies   (3 Cr)

Group C:        International Law and Organization

IR-545             Use of Force in International Law   (3 Cr)

IR-546             UN Role in International Politics   (3 Cr)

IR-547             International Humanitarian Law  (3 Cr)

IR-548             Human Rights Law  (3 Cr)

IR-549             International Environmental Law  (3 Cr)

IR-551             Conflict and Conflict Resolution  (3 Cr)

IR-552             Seminar on Issues Relating to International Law &Organizations  (3 Cr)

IR-556             Regional Organizations of South Asia   (3 Cr)

IR-559             International Refugee Law   (3 Cr)

IR-567             Law of the Sea and Air Space Law   (3 Cr)

IR-568             Migration, Urbanization and IDP’s  (3 Cr)

Thesis (Optional)

IR-599             Thesis  (6 Cr)