Faculty of Contemporary Studies (FCS)

frequently asked questions - IR (FAQ)

How would this degree help me?
In recent decades IR has emerged as one of the most important disciplines in social sciences. IR helps you make sense of a world that is characterized by mind logging change, complexity and globalization. IR can help you pursue a successful career in a variety of field such as civil and foreign service, print and electronic media, research and publication, journalism, academia and in various other private and public organizations etc.
What are the compulsory courses and elective courses for M.Sc.?
Compulsory and elective courses can be seen here.
What are the total credit hours of M.Sc.?
Total credit hours for M.Sc. are 66. Each course is worth 3 credit hours.
What are the total credit hours of M.Phil?
Total credit hours for M.Phil are 36. Each course is worth 4 credit hours.
What are the compulsory courses and elective courses for M.Phil?
Compulsory and elective courses can be seen here.
What is the duration required for the completion of M.Sc. degree?
The University offers a 2 years program in each discipline (4 semesters).
What is the maximum time limit for the completion of M.Sc. degree?
As per the policy of the University a candidate has to complete the M.Sc. Program within 3 years (6 semesters)
What are the prerequisites for admission in to the M.Phil.program?
Masters degree or minimum sixteen years of education is required for admission in M.Phil.
Where should I deposit the application processing fee?
The application fee in Pakistani rupees can be deposited in the branch of Askari Bank Ltd F-10 Branch? Block 5-C F-10 Markaz Islamabad 44000 Pakistan.
I am a foreigner and want to get admission in NDU?
You have to apply on SAT basis through your embassy as an international student. For details including payment of fee in US Dollars, please refer to relevant portion in the prospectus on our website.
Is there any age limit for Masters, M.Phil, and Phd Admission?
No, there is no proper age limit for getting admission in MSc. Program.
Do I have an option to give the entrance test from any other City?
No,there is no option to give entrance test from any other city.
What is the weightageof Entry Test and previous qualification in admission?
The weightage of the entry test and previous qualification in the admission process is 50%.
Can I get some sample test papers of NDU Entry Test?
You just need to have a fair idea of current affairs of natural and international significance.
Is, NDU recognized, and if so then by whom?
National Defense University is the only defense institute in Pakistan offering course in Social and Management Sciences currently offering Programmers in various disciplines like Government and Public Policy, International Relations, Leadership and Management Sciences, Strategic and Nuclear Studies and Peace and Conflict Studies. All the degree programs offered at NDU are recognized by HEC (The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan).
Can I use the library books online?
Yes, NDU library provides facility to read and download library books online.
Can I take subjects from other departments?
IR department provides its students with the privilege to take subjects from other departments by replacing the optional subjects. Out of six electives, a maximum number of three elective courses can be taken from other departments at FCS.
Is there any benchmark of attendance?
Yes, there is a strict policy for attendance in NDU. The students have to maintain 80% attendance. In any special case, the Dean can allow a student relaxation in case of a minimum 75% attendance.
Is there any facility of summer session?
No, the University has not finalized any policy for offering courses in the summer vacation.
What is the duration of classes?
3 hours class for M.Sc. and for M.Phil. It is 4 hours.